It’s Carnevale time…

In Italy it is the period of Carnevale, a time of the year leading up to lent when Italians have parades, dress up in certain outfits (most famously the Venice Carnival masks), and often across the country many different traditions are adhered to. In Milan, the main aspect of Carnevale appears to be dressing up kids like their favourite superheroes or cartoon characters. You can’t walk through Duomo Square without seeing mini-Spidermen, or Snow White’s, and invariably they are accompanied by copious amounts of confetti for throwing around. It’s a tradition the kids enjoy a lot, even if the reasoning behind it is a little unclear.

Other than the kids there mis the main show, a parade through the city with performers, music and general entertainment, along with food stalls, where you can pick up some chiacchiere, a typical carnival biscuit/pastry.

So if you’re visiting Milan or Italian February, make sure you look out for this fun, lesser known Italian tradition, and don’t forget to save space after lunch!

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