Top tips for job interviews in Italy

Dress smartly

Italians may be famous for their following, and creation, of fashions, but in a workplace, it is not an optional vanity project, it is seen as a representation of your professionalism. Now all jobs will vary in the level of formality, however the important elements will be that your clothes are clean, appropriate, your hair is smartly done – unless you are after a job in finance or politics, you can probably arrive without a tie, but with a blazer jacket, and smart well ironed shirt. Wear proper shoes, not trainers!

Speak Italian (or try)

Now if you have an interview for a role where Italian is not particularly required, of course you will not be expected to turn up singing the inno nazionale! But don’t underestimate how many good points you’ll take just from trying to speak some italian at any point when it is appropriate. Welcome them with a buon giorno, piacere (good day, nice to meet you), and if asked if you speak the language, say you are learning, in Italian (sto imparando italiano!). The willingness and effort will not go unnoticed.

Do your research

There can’t be much worse than an expat coming to a job interview having apparently not bothered to find out anything about the company they are going to. You don’t want to come across as superior if you arrive from London or New York, the Italian workforce are often overqualified and willing, so you have competition.

How are you finding Italy?

You’ll almost certainly be asked how you are finding life in Italy. This is not the time to explain how frustrating it may have been to get a codice fiscale, nor how it feels like you are taking part in the Italian job when driving through Milan to make the interview. Just talk about the things you really enjoy, the food, the weather, the people, don’t let the employer see any doubt in your mind that you may not want to stay in the job long.

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