June 19, 2019

Italian Audio Translation

Our team of native language translators can go through your audio files and create a transcript of all that is heard. With this, another member of our team will also then proofread the transcript to ensure the translation is of the highest level, and that no mistakes are present.

Audio translation is a great way to get down on paper content that you can then skim read or keep handy for future reference. Whether they be meeting discussions, television or radio audio, interviews, or anything else, getting audio content down on paper can help make your time use more efficient.

We only use translators who are native in the end language, in order to ensure the best quality translations, and that no word is misunderstood or misheard in the audio. And then each translator also has the rest of the ItalTranslate team on hand to refer to for any complicated areas.

To find out about our audio translations, that start from £5 per minute, get in touch.